Who are we?

Who are we?

We are one of the best technical-artistic non-public schools in our country.
Since 1995 we continue to educate on full-time and part-time studies for bachelor, bachelor of science and master’s degrees.

Currently we hire over 300 specialists in different areas; teachers – practicians with business experience.

Studies at UEM are carried out in the frames of two Faculties: Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering and Management. All majors conducted at UEM that are accredited by Polish Accreditation Committee, have been awarded with a positive assessment and our Faculty of Architecture received positive institutional assessment of the quality of education!

At the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw you can start your studies on following fields. Check out our educational offer and start a new chapter in your life!

Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree

Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree

Interior Design
Bachelor and Master’s Degree

Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree

Bachelor Degree

Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science Degree

Mechanics and Machine Construction
Bachelor of Science Degree

Environmental Protection
Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree

Management and Production Engineering
Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree

Public Health
Bachelor’s Degree

The University of Ecology and Management is distinguished by an interesting and rich educational offer, which is emphasized by the number of economically and socially important fields of study. In this way the University responds to the needs of the labour market, innovative economy and civil society. Thanks to these factors, combined with a high level of education, the graduates of the University become important on the labour market, realize their professional goals and enjoy satisfactory earnings.

Studies at the University of Ecology and Management also include various forms of material aid for students, such as merit-based, social or special scholarships.

Our goal is also to treat students and academic teachers as partners, as well as to maintain good relations with our graduates.

Furthermore, the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw supports the needs of the region and is committed to carrying out scientific research relevant to Polish science, which is of great importance to society and economy.

UEM (WSEiZ) in numbers

UEM (WSEiZ) in numbers

2 Faculties

11 fields of study (first and second cycle of studies)

29 specialities

5 buildings

Why is it worth to study at the UEM (WSEiZ)?

Why is it worth

Thanks to the unique combination of technical and artistic aspects, you can be sure to gain extensive knowledge that will give you an advantage on the demanding labour market. At the same time we offer post-graduate courses, which will help you to become a specialist in the chosen field.

During your studies you will be carrying out projects commissioned by business, which will allow you to gain practical experience and references even before leaving University. It is possible thanks to close cooperation within the framework of Employers Councils, supporting development of students and University.

We offer fields of study desired by employers, which will allow you to begin a satisfying career in your dream job, right after graduation. You will quickly realize that studying at UEM translates into a better start in a professional life.

We attach great importance to comfortable working and learning conditions, so that every day of your studies can be held in an atmosphere of development and enables you to acquire further competences. Currently, classes are held in 4 facilities, which are owned by the University, so you can be sure that the high standard will accompany you throughout your studies.

At UEM over 300 specialists are waiting for you. They are experts in their field and professionals whose goal is the best quality of your education. We want you to gain not only theoretical foundations in a given profession but also capability to practically deal with the challenges of contemporary world.

We have created Academic Competence Courses and run a Career Office that will encourage your personal growth. It will help you to choose a career path and gain additional skills.

Why is there a bear in UEM (WSEiZ) logo?

UEM logo

Bear (or “Miś” which is a diminutive form of a word “Bear” in Polish and also can mean “Teddy-bear”) in the logo of University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw is not there by accident.

Our students often say that they study at ”Miś”. It is an obvious reference to prof. Jan Misiak, PhD, Eng., who in 1995 founded the UEM, was a Rector of our University for many years and currently is its President. This is an unambiguous proof of the great respect and reputation of the founder of our University, who is practically identified with UEM. At the same time, it laid the foundations for the presence of Bear in our logo.

Why can you rely on the Bear? It is not only a symbol of strength and courage, but also tolerance and ability to adapt to any conditions. It is as well an animal with a unique personality, which is why it fits so well into the University with Character, which is UEM.

Besides, no one like a bear understands the importance of a long, healthy sleep in life😊



Being modern is not only a slogan, but a real value that we are guided by in UEM. Since 2015 we have been inviting students, lecturers and employees to our 4 facilities.
UEM buildings are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Furthermore their location makes it really easy to reach us by public transport as well as by car.