Transfer from other university / change of the field of study

Transfer from other university

Recruitment process

Recruitment process
If you obtained a diploma from another field of study, you want to change your field of study, you want to finish you studies after a long break or you want to start simultaneously a new field of study:

Send an application form to Dean with annotation “program differences” to e-mail address

To your application you need to attach:

  • A document confirming your course of studies from your previous university;
  • Mentioned above document shall include number of hours of completed courses, ECTS credits, and grades, i.e. the student’s course card, certified by the university from which you are transferring;
  • All documents need to be readable and send in one file;
  • Originals of all documents shall be presented during enrollment to UEM;
  • All documents shall be translated into Polish or English.

After your application has been successfully processed, if you accept the conditions set by the Dean, you shall report to the Rector’s Office to complete the admission procedure and enroll in the program.

What will you gain?

You do not pay for the processing of an application for admission with program differences;

You only pay for program differences up to the semester you are admitted to, and then tuition for the current academic year;

You do not have to repeat courses which you have successfully passed at another university, and which are consistent with the curriculum of a given course at UEM (WSEiZ), until the semester you are enrolled (in further semesters, the lecturer decides about accepting the grade);

You save time.