Outgoing STA mobility

Outgoing STA mobility

Objectives of the mobility

Objectives of the mobility

The purpose of STA mobility (Staff Mobility for Teaching) is conducting classes for students of a foreign partner institution in the number of minimum 8 didactic hours during the mobility lasting 7 days or less. In the case of longer mobility the number of teaching hours will be proportionally increased.

During the combined STA/STT mobility, the minimum number of didactic hours to be completed at a partner university is 4 for the mobility lasting 7 days or less.

The teaching mobility in a foreign university from a programme country can last from 2 days to 2 months. In the case of mobility to the university from partner countries it can last from 5 days to 2 months.

The STA mobility for academic staff can only be organised to the partner universities which have signed Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements with WSEiZ and received Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) valid for 2021-2027 years.

Partner Universities

Partner Universities

In the case of being interested in another foreign university write at erasmus@wseiz.pl or contact Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator at justyna.klys@wseiz.pl.


Before departure

Before departure


Each participant is obliged to insure himself/herself independently before the mobility.

The insurance covering the duration of stay at the receiving institution MUST include:

  • health insurance and insurance against accidents for a duration of travel and stay at the receiving institution, including the costs of transportation to the home country;
  • liability insurance covering at least damages caused by the participant at the place of teaching/training.

IMPORTANT! The insurance must cover the costs of a body’s transportation to its home country in case of death.

The insurance is for a mobility participant and the participant will take advantage of the insurance abroad if necessary. The University doesn’t insure the mobility participants in any additional way.
It is the participant’s decision about the scope and amount of the insurance and the above-mentioned are the minimum requirements imposed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

  • if the participant is insured in the National Health Fund (NFZ), the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the NFZ guarantees the insurance of treatment costs and the right to receive healthcare on the territory of the EU and countries participating in the Erasmus+ Programme. Details at the NFZ website.
  • insurance against accidents and liability insurance is available at any insurance company.

Grant agreement

Each participant is obliged to bring to the Erasmus Office a statement concerning bank account details in EUR currency to which the grant will be transferred – download a file

A participant, before departure, is unconditionally obliged to sign a grant agreement in the Erasmus Office – download a file.

Safety abroad

For the sake of safety during the mobility abroad, we recommend registering your stay in the Odyseusz portal (only for people with Polish citizenship) created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland (MFA).

  • in case of emergencies abroad, the MFA will be able to contact you,
  • provide you with necessary information and assistance through the appropriate diplomatic and consular post,
  • if you wish – you will be informed about the possibility of registering to participate in elections abroad.

We also encourage to use Polak za granicą app (only for people with Polish citizenship). Using it:

  • you will find current restrictions related to the COVID-19,
  • you will find verified information for travellers to all countries of the world,
  • you will find contacts to Polish posts abroad.

We also recommend regularly following the MFA’s portal: MFA information for travellers  and read Be safe abroad publication.

After arrival

After arrival

Within 7 days after arrival from the mobility the participant is responsible to deliver to the Erasmus Office:

  • confirmation from the partner university, certifying real period of the mobility and its objectives. The confirmation should also include information on the number of teaching hours conducted during the mobility.

Complete an individual online EU survey

  • at the latest within 30 days from the day of receiving an invitation to submit it (a participant who fails to submit the survey may be required to make a partial or full refund of the EU grant awarded).