Public Health

Public Health

Bachelor Program (first-cycle studies)

About the programme

About the programme
First degree studies practical education profile
Study system part-time on Saturdays and Sundays
Duration 3 years
Degree Bachelor of Science
Language of studies Polish
Academic year 2023/2024

Why is it worth studying Public Health at UEM (WSEiZ) in Warsaw?

Why is it worth

A degree in Public Health will open up many interesting career paths in: public administration, the pharmaceutical industry, health services, wellness and spa centres, health education and health promotion organisations, among others.

The knowledge and skills you gain will help you to improve health services and the health system. This is one of the most responsible tasks of health institutions in the 21st century and you can be the part of the key changes.

Public Health at UEM is a field of study that combines extensive medical knowledge with managerial skills. This will enable you to enter the job market as a competent and prepared person to perform a variety of functions in the health care system.



In modern society, caring for health requires interdisciplinary and holistic preparation of professionals with diverse preventive, caring, organisational, managerial and educational functions. Public Health is a field of study that combines medical and social knowledge, elements of management, economics, environmental protection and law. The knowledge and skills taught at this field of study include topics related to:

the recognition of biological, environmental, demographic, and psychological threats to health,

complexity of health care conditions,

preparation, promotion, implementation, execution, and coordination of health education programmes, psychosocial care and rehabilitation programmes, as well as health promotion, with particular emphasis on preventive activities,

exercising sanitary and epidemiological control.



At the field of Public Health we offer studies within the scope of specialisations:

Declarations concerning the choice of specialisation in Public Health are given by the candidate while submitting the documents. The final decision on the choice of specialisation is made by the student after the first semester of the studies.
For a detailed list of subjects in Public Health go to the curriculum or to the specialisation description.


The knowledge, as well as organisational and advisory skills you acquire during the studies will give you the opportunity to be employed, among others, in managerial positions or as a medical assistant in:

public and non-public health care institutions (including hospitals, medical centres, medical and dental surgeries, etc.),

supervisory and inspection institutions of the health care system (NFZ, Sanepid),

wellness and SPA facilities and centres,

nursing and care institutions, hospices, social care homes and other institutions providing care and assistance to the elderly,

institutions and companies that manage medical data, as well as funds and other organisations providing health education and health promotion.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the studies in Polish language - academic year 23/24

Registration Fee
(one-time fee)
Entry Fee
(one-time fee)
Tuition Fee
(for 12 months)
20 € 85 € 120 €

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BANK PKO BP S.A Warszawa
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