Master Program (second-cycle studies)

About the programme

About the programme
Second degree studies practical education profile
Study system part-time on Saturdays and Sundays
Duration 1,5 years
Title Master of Science in Engineering
Language of studies Polish
Academic year 2023/2024

Admission requirements for second degree Landscape Architecture

Admission requirements

In order to start your second cycle studies in Landscape Architecture, you need to meet the following requirements:

completed first degree studies in Landscape Architecture or related fields of study: Architecture/Architecture and Urban Planning or Spatial Management,

if you have not achieved some of the required competences after completing the first cycle, you may be admitted to the second cycle if the missing learning outcomes in the form of programme differences can be completed in a total of no more than 30 ECTS credits. Curriculum differences are determined individually for each candidate (download application).

For more information on the rules of recruitment see Rules for admission for the academic year 2023/2024

Why is it worth studying master degree in Landscape Architecture at UEM (WSEiZ) in Warsaw?

Why is it worth studying

The second degree Landscape Architecture at UEM is focused on the issue of shaping the urban landscape in accordance with current legislation and trends. The nature of the studies will help you to better design modern and functional spaces in the future.

At UEM you will broaden and improve your competences in designing urban parks, linear parks and pedestrian zones, plant systems in architectural objects or gardens on architectural surfaces. At the same time, during your studies you will devote a lot of attention to designing in legally protected, reclaimed and revitalised areas.

Most of the design tasks carried out during your studies are real problems submitted by institutions that cooperate with the Faculty of Architecture. As a result, you will gain practical experience during your studies which is so important in today’s job market.

During your studies you will use modern studios, among others: Architectural Design, Virtual Building Design and Landscape Design. As an UEM Student you will benefit from many professional programmes without additional charge. Our studios are equipped with computers, graphic tablets, 3D manipulators.

Scope of studies

Scope of studies
As a master’s degree in landscape architecture you will gain the following skills:

performing analyses and assessments of natural, cultural, spatial and social conditions of designed areas,

developing designs for the development of facilities and areas defined in spatial development plans, including reclaimed and revitalised areas,

working effectively in a project team and co-operating with other specialists involved in the process of creating and using the landscape,

managing and supervising implementation works in landscape architecture facilities,

managing units dealing with design, creation and maintenance of the landscape,

mapping and creating space using modern virtual techniques,

effective self-presentation, selling, as well as putting into practice the effects of creative work.

Employment perspectives

Employment perspectives

Studying Landscape Architecture, especially master degree opens up a number of career prospects for you. After graduation you will be able to find employment in:

companies involved in planning, designing, building and maintaining landscapes,

design studios for the development of landscape architecture facilities,

production companies connected with the landscape architecture industry,

national and landscape parks, research institutions, as well as research and development centres,

units preparing projects for the development of landscape architecture facilities,

units implementing and maintaining landscape architecture facilities,

local government units supervising landscape architecture facilities,

monument and nature protection services.

You will also be ready to set up your own design company and run your own individual design and implementation business.



Main subjects for Landscape Architecture – second degree studies

Contemporary art

Research methodology in landscape architecture

Socio-psychological issues of shaping the city landscape

Effective communication and negotiation


Directions and trends in the design and implementation of contemporary landscape architecture objects

Designing public spaces

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Designing plant systems in architectural facilities

Modern technologies and pro-environmental solutions in landscape architecture

Designing in reclaimed and revitalized areas

Visual communication in landscape architecture

Visualizations of landscape architecture projects

Presentation graphics – graphic design of offer designs

Landscape design on a regional scale

Master’s seminar

Running a design and construction company

Subjects you can choose from

Open interior design

Indoor greenery design

Architectural detail

Designing in areas that are legally protected for cultural values ​​

Designing in areas subject to legal protection due to natural values ​​

Design with particular emphasis on fauna

Consultation and implementation of the thesis


To see the detailed list of subjects in the field of Landscape Architecture, go to the study programme DOWNLOAD STUDDY PROGRAMME

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the studies in Polish language - academic year 23/24

Registration Fee
(one-time fee)
Entry Fee
(one-time fee)
Tuition Fee
(for 12 months)
85 zł 150 € 200 €