Interior Design

Interior Design

Master Program (second-cycle studies)

About the programme

About the programme
Second degree studies practical education profile
Study system part-time on Saturdays and Sundays
Duration 1,5 years
Degree Master of Arts
Language of studies Polish
Academic year 2024/2025

Admission requirements for second degree Interior Design

Admission requirements

In order to study second degree Interior Design, you need to meet the following requirements:

completed first degree studies in Interior Design, Architecture/Architecture and Urban Planning or Design,

a positive result of an interview if you a graduate of other fields of study, provided you have proven competence in visual design.

If you are admitted to studies, you might be required to complete programme differences and/or a supplementary semester.

Interviews are usually held in September, before the start of the academic year. The exact date of the interview will be announced closer to its due date.

Before the interview, please register in the online enrolment system and send your application to the Dean (download application) to: The application should be accompanied by a confirmation of payment of the recruitment fee (non-refundable) and a portfolio, as well as a scan of the diploma supplement. After sending the documents, an UEM staff member will contact you in order to set up an interview time.

For more information on the rules of recruitment see Rules for admission for the academic year 2023/2024

Why is it worth studying master degree in Interior Design?

Why is it worth?

If you finished first cycle studies in Interior Design, Architecture/Urban Planning or Design, then a master degree is a natural next step in your educational path. At UEM we will help you develop your skills and broaden your knowledge.

At UEM we care about the comfort of work and learning, therefore as our student you will use modern studios and many professional programmes – without additional charge. This way you will get to know in practice the tools used by Interior Designers.

The lecturers of Interior Design are outstanding teachers and specialists in this field. They are also winners of many prestigious awards and distinctions who have presented their works at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Thanks to our team, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, necessary in your further professional career. prof. zw. dr hab. Andrzej Bissenik, prof. zw. dr hab. Przemysław Krajewski, prof. zw. dr hab. Lucjan Kasprzak, prof. zw. dr hab. Lech Koliński, prof. zw. dr prof. Witold Surowiecki, prof. nadzw. dr hab. Włodzimierz Bartczak, prof. nadzw. dr hab. Stanisław Gontarczyk, prof. nadzw. dr hab. Andrzej Wyszyński, prof. nadzw. dr hab. Błażej Ostoja-Lniski, dr Anna Feliks, dr Tadeusz Tchórzewski, mgr Radek Dębniak

Knowledge alone is not enough. We want you as our graduate to find your place on the job market. That is why, we put emphasis on practical teaching which will give you skills useful at the beginning of your professional career.

Scope of studies

Scope of studies
The second degree studies in Interior Design enable the students to gain skills in shaping their immediate environment in accordance with their needs, civilization requirements, technical possibilities, as well as spatial order and sustainable development. As a master’s degree in Interior Design you will gain the following skills:

to develop designs for interiors in residential and public spaces,

to prepare designs of furniture and equipment functioning in the area of people’s immediate surroundings, both in relation to residential interiors and public utility interiors,

to develop designs for exhibitions, as well as special and artistic events in both closed and open spaces, together with the preparation of relevant documentation covering all phases of the project,

to work effectively in a design team and be prepared for a managerial role,

mapping and creating space using modern virtual techniques,

effective self-presentation and the ability to ‘sell’ and put into practice the effects of creative achievements.

See our students’the best theses.

Employment perspectives

Employment perspectives

Graduates of the second degree Interior Design are ready to take up employment in:

  • architectural and development companies,
  • design studios,
  • production companies,
  • companies organising exhibitions,
  • companies organising special and artistic events,
  • event and advertising agencies,
  • production houses and companies working with television,
  • to set up their own design companies and carry out individual creative activities in the field of scenography and exhibitions.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the studies in Polish language - academic year 24/25

Entry Fee
(one-time fee)
Tuition Fee
(for 12 months)
150 € 280 €

UE&M account number
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ul. Olszewska 12, 00-792 Warszawa
BANK PKO BP S.A Warszawa
PL 33 1020 1026 0000 1202 0252 3694