Mobility to Spain, A Coruña

Mobility to Spain, A Coruña

From 05-09 July 2021, the Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator Mrs Paulina Wąż, MA, participated in the Staff Week training mobility within the Erasmus+ Programme at the University of A Coruña, Spain.

During the stay, an UEM (WSEiZ) employee participated in daily Spanish language courses, as well as meetings with, among others, Evaristo Zas Gómez, Institutional Coordinator of the Erasmus Programme, Begoña Crespo García, Vice-rector for International Promotion and Language Policy, and Pilar González, responsible for staff mobilities. During the meetings, past cooperation was discussed, as well as current issues and future plans. Staff Week hosted dozens of people from different countries, such as Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. Such an event is also a great opportunity to meet others and make new acquaintances.

During the visit to the University of A Coruña, participants visited the campus in Ferrol, the wonderful Spanish coastline, and Santiago De Compostela – one of the main pilgrimage destinations in Europe. Staff Week in A Coruña was not only an opportunity to get to know the university personally, but also to visit beautiful Galician region.

And remember: what they say about this region of Spain is true! It is green and humid there, but also not too hot 😉

You are highly welcome to see the photos from the stay in Spain.