Master Program (second-cycle studies)

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About the programme

About the programme
Second degree studies general education profile
Study system full-time on weekdays,
full-time on Saturdays and Sundays
Duration 1,5 years
Degree Master Degree in Architecture
Language of studies Polish
Academic year 2024/2025

Admission Conditions

Admission Conditions

In order to be admitted to the second degree studies in Architecture, you must have completed the first degree studies in Architecture or Architecture and Urban Planning.

For more information on the rules of recruitment see Rules for admission for the academic year 2023/2024

Second degree Architecture – why is it worth undertaking master degree at UEM (WSEiZ)?

Why is it worth?

The second degree diploma in Architecture at UEM is the basis for automatic recognition of professional qualifications. It opens the way for you to pursue the profession of an architect in the member states of the European Union. You can read more in the European Union’s database of legal acts.

Do you want to combine professional work with studying? With you in mind, we conduct full-time studies majoring in Architecture on Saturdays and Sundays. The studies are full-time and their programme guarantees that you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain qualifications for the architectural profession.

During your studies you will use modern studios, among others: Architectural Design, Virtual Building Design and Landscape Design equipped with computers, graphic tablets, 3D manipulators. Moreover, as an UEM Student you will benefit from many professional programmes for free.

Graduates of the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw are in demand on the job market – be one of them and start your professional career thanks to the knowledge and skills gained in the faculty of Architecture.

Aim of studies

Aim of studies

The second degree studies in Architecture will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills in architectural design including:

contemporary technical requirements,

functional and health needs of users,

environmental sustainability.

At the same time, the second degree studies in Architecture will allow you to shape your design skills taking into account artistic, cultural, intellectual, historical, social, economic, and environmental conditions.
We want our students to be enriched during their studies with sensitivity to the need for spatial order, as well as for shaping a sustainable living environment for all of us.

Scope of studies

Scope of studies

As a Master’s degree in architecture, you will gain skills in the field of:

architectural, urban and conservation design, as well as spatial planning,

shaping the human environment by taking into account the relations between people, architectural objects and the surroundings

applying procedures for the design of architectural objects while taking into account social factors,

solving functional, utility, construction, engineering and technological problems to the extent of ensuring safety and comfort of using the facilities, including people with disabilities,

applying technical and construction regulations and procedures, economics of design,

implementation and use of an architectural object,

organisation of the investment process, as well as integration of plans with planning projects in the country and in the European Union countries,

understanding the role of the architectural profession in society and its impact on the quality of the environment,

applying the rules of professional ethics.

Employment perspectives

Employment perspectives

With a Master degree in architecture, you will obtain full architectural qualifications and thus be able to work as an architect in Poland and EU on your own.

In addition to your own creative activity in architectural and urban planning design, you will find employment in:

  • architectural studios,
  • the departments of architecture and urban planning,
  • local government administration,
  • maintenance workshops, construction companies,
  • advertising agencies,
  • for exhibitions, fairs, and stage design.



Major subjects for the field of Architecture – second degree studies:

Philosophy and aesthetics

Ethics of the profession

Presentation graphics


Law of construcion process

Theory and history of architecture

Theory and history of town planning

Area planning

Technology and organisation of construction

Building installations

Construction physics

Regional planning

Building Information modelling

Complex concrete and metal structures

Heritage protection and cultural studies

The theory of monument conservation with elements of archaeology

Architectural design – complex function utility buildings and sites

Architectural design – modernisation and conservation of architectural facilities

Architectural design – large size and span objects

Urban design – development of urban degraded areas

Urban design – conversion of urban multi-functional areas

Urban design – area policy of a suburban municipality (SUiKZP project)

Interim paper – pre-diploma project

Methodology of scientific work

Master thesis seminar

Subjects to choose from:

Contemporary art

Strategic marketing

Architectural detail

Design management

History of interior design and furniture

Visual communication

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the studies in Polish language - academic year 24/25

Registration Fee
(one-time fee)
Entry Fee
(one-time fee)
Tuition Fee
(for 12 months)
85 zł 150 € 300 €

Tuition fees for the studies in English language - academic year 24/25
(for non EU countries)

Admission fee
(non refoundable)
Tuition Fee
(per year)
Tuition Fee
(per semester)
200 € 4500 € 2350 €

Tuition fees for the studies in English language - academic year 24/25
(for EU countries and mentioned below *)

Admission fee
(non refoundable)
Tuition Fee
(per year)
Tuition Fee
(per semester)
200 € 3000 € 1600 €

EU/CIS* = All EU countries, all Balkan countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Mongolia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey.

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