Relation from the mobility under the Erasmus+ Programme

Relation from the mobility

Below you can find an interview with our student Natalia Dadykina who went to Erasmus in the second year of Architecture for the summer semester in the 2018/2019 academic year.

Why were you interested in going to studies under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Studies under the Erasmus+ Programme is a great occasion to broaden horizons, gain knowledge in your specialty, professional experience abroad in the architectural industry, get to know the work structure of foreign universities and architectural companies as well as develop your language skills.

Where and how long did you study?

I studied at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto in Portugal for 5 months.

How do studies at a foreign university look?

In the educational programme were auditory and practical classes. The majority of them were practical. We usually work independently. We paid a lot of attention to architectural design in terms of engineering and urban development design.

Did you gain additional knowledge which you can use in your future career? Did you bring some inspiration with you?

As I am studying architecture, the mobility in Portugal was really inspiring for me. I saw other attitudes to the design of architectural facilities, other systems of cities and streets.

Was application procedure, document preparation, and settlement of the mobility long and time-consuming?

The procedure of documents preparation was long for me because I had to apply for a visa in order to enter Portugal [Natalia comes from Ukraine]. However, the sending university organised the mobility well, thus everything was done on time.

Would you recommend the Erasmus+ mobility to other WSEiZ students?

I surely recommend Erasmus+ Programme mobility.

Was Erasmus+ Programme grant sufficient in order to cover mobility costs?

In my opinion, the grant awarded under the Erasmus+ Programme is not enough to cover all the expenses related to mobility, however, it is a great help for a student certainly.

How would you sum up your mobility in one sentence?

Studying and living abroad is a wonderful experience.

What are your impressions after the mobility?

I have great feelings after the journey. I would like to have the possibility to come back to Portugal for vacation or professional purposes.

What advice do you have for students, who want to take part in the Erasmus+ Programme?

I would recommend being careful when it comes to the accommodation, to find a worthy place to stay in.

Would you like to take part in the Programme again?

I am currently in the last semester of my studies. If I were a student of the first cycle studies again, I would definitely want to go on Erasmus again.