Preparatory courses for studies in Polish

Preparatory courses in Polish

Participation rules

Preparatory courses have been created for candidates/students applying for studies in Polish.

Purpose of the course

The aim of the course is to prepare students to reach the B2/C1 level of proficiency.

Course process

  • In the first part of the course, the main language skills, such as: speaking, writing, grammatical accuracy, solving listening tests will be trained.
  • This will be followed by a gradual introduction of vocabulary related to the chosen field of study (e.g. architecture and civil engineering, management) necessary for a good understanding of the lectures and active participation in the classes.
  • The third part provides for attendance at selected introductory lectures to the field of study.
  • The course also includes interesting lectures on Polish history and culture, as well as attractive trips around Warsaw and its surroundings.

Minimum group

8 people

Tuition fees

Admission fee
(non refoundable)
Tuition Fee
(per year)
150 € 2200 €